Extreme Simracing has a full lineup of add-ons to further enhance your experience with your Logitech steering wheel and pedal kit.

Our inverted pedal kit considerably improves the positioning of the feet on the pedal and also has an increase in the brake load cell, which greatly improves performance during the race.

Our SWE Add-on is a success. With an aggressive design, it is made of aluminum, which greatly improves the user experience and its ergonomic footprint helps to achieve better results.

We also have our Magnetic shifter mod and pedal unifier, both of which bring a complete boost to your Logitech.

Enter and choose the add-on that you like the most and drive in search of improving its performance even more.


We know very well that on the racetrack, any improvement helps to gain a lot of positions and we are here to help you do that.


Welcome to the world of Extreme Simracing