Next Gen Driver: SimPro Manager
290mm Formula Wheel
5mm High-quality Carbon Fiber
Custom Silicone Grip
Patented New Botton Design
SIMAGIC S-ray 12 RGB Buttons
Patented HALL Paddle Modules
Patented Soft Glow LED lights
Patented Button Stickers
50mm SIMAGIC Quick Release
Racing to the Extreme

For Formula, for the eXtreme


High Quality Carbon Fiber Plate


Light-weight Wheel


Formula Style

For the ultimate formula racing experience

Simagic Innovations

Patented HALL paddle module designed for crisp shifting, precise activation, and durability; Patented soft glow LED lights. Every RGB light is adjustable, clear and non-intrusive; Patented next gen button design minimizes travel while maximizing tactile feedback; Patented button cap stickers that are easy to apply.

SimPro Manager

Next Gen Driver Software: SimPro Manager. The RGB buttons flash and change colors based on your Telemetry Settings of "ABS/TC/DRS/PIT". Customize your Formula experience.

Optional Choice with Clutch Paddles

*When you make purchase, please pay attention to the Clutch Paddle difference

Shifter Paddles Only
Shifter & Clutch Paddles

For the Better Experence, please check

Technical Parameters
FX Formula
Wheel TypeFormula/GT Steering Wheel
SIMAGIC S-ray Multi-function RGB light1
Net Weight1500g
Wheel building materialCarbon Fiber
Grip materialSilcone
7-way Multi-position Rotary Switch1
Customizable RGB buttons12
Rotary Encoders3
Thumb Rotary Encoders 4
HALL Paddle ModuleIncluded
Dual Clutch paddlesOptional
Quick ReleaseSIMAGIC QR50 Included
AccessoriesWarranty Card, Installation Kit, USB 3.0 Cable, Button cap stickers (128x)

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1-year Warranty

Protection is always important, our guarantee is complete.


With an exclusive phone line for Simagic customers (305) 280-0516, we will provide all technical hardware assistance


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